Dry shampoo is not a new product to the scene, though I can still remember the first time I got my first life changing bottle. I waved goodbye to the days of waking up and looking at my hair and instantly regretting snoozing the alarm in favour of washing my hair, and hello to the days of having full, voluminous, locks in a New York minute.

The market of dry shampoos was somewhat limited with only a few brands bringing their offering to the table, however the game is changing. Which is a great thing, but it also means you’ve now got to navigate through hundreds of ads, thousands of reviews, and a load of different recommendations to find the perfect match. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. Save your hair (and your pocket) from trying the dry shampoos that leave chalky roots, powdery textures, and give you greasier hair than you started with, and skip straight to Morrocanoil’s first ever take on the game.

First up, the scent is delicious, which you’d expect from this brand as all their products are intoxicating. And as if the trademark scent wasn’t enough to make us believers, we’re also obsessed with how well the product actually absorbs oil, rather than acting as a Band-Aid that eventually causes major scalp build-up, and the UV filters shield your strands against any premature fading in the sun. Factor in the non-sticky texture that still allows you to run your fingers through your layers, and it’s official—love at first mist is a real thing, and it’s an affair for the ages.