The core staple of the Morrocanoil range quickly accrued cult status after its initial release a few years ago, and it still reigns supreme over the huge market of hair oils available today. This product is a great all in one haircare oil that should be an essential in everyone’s bathroom cupboard.

It’s great to use on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner and de-tangler, but also lovely as a serum on dry hair. Hair oils are a great addition to your haircare routine, but it can be hard finding the right one as so many can leave your hair feeling weighed down and full of product. Morrocanoil has created a seriously weightless formula that leaves your hair looking glossy and healthy. It’s definitely worth every one of your pretty pennies, the full size comes in a huge 100ml bottle which is going to last you a long time. This is a product where you want to use a light hand – a little goes a long way! It also comes in a handy 25ml travel size, which is great for what the name suggests or is a good way to give the product a try without investing in the 100ml size.

There are actually two Morrocanoils available – the original version and the light version. The light version is made especially for those who have either finer or lighter coloured hair (including white or grey). It delivers the same benefits as the original Moroccanoil Treatment but is lighter in formulation, texture and colour, so there’s a fit for everyone!