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A new kind of 2 in 1 hair and scalp treatment with a triple effect: Anti-dandruff treatment, scalp-calming and hair-conditioning. This gentle formula promptly soothes the hyperactivity of your sensitive scalp and gives your hair its beautiful shine and softness.


After washing, directly apply to scalp, massage in, comb into hair, leave for 1 minute and rinse.


  • The highly active zinc pyrithione lastingly reduces the dandruff-triggering microbes and boosts the formation and maturation of healthy keratin cells.
  • The effect complex from fruits of the pepper tree and Inga Alba reduces the formation of new dandruff, reduces itchiness and regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.
  • The tetrapeptide soothes the nervous overreactions of highly sensitive and stressed scalps.
  • Liquorice and horse chestnut extract soothe while panthenol calms and moisturises.
  • The fine oil from lady’s smock seeds conditions the hair and gives it a soft shimmer.

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