A Change Of Colour

There are times when you just want to give yourself a new look. In no time at all, new outfits are hanging in your wardrobe, but somehow you still look like the same old you. It’s time to tackle your hair.

Of course, nothing changes your look more than a radically different haircut or hair colour.

Colour consulting is very important. You shouldn’t necessarily insist on a certain colour that looks really great on another person. The new colour really has to harmonise with the basic skin tone and can even considerably improve the skin tone.

Although hair tends to grow rather slowly, even if it’s just over a centimetre a month, the roots will be visible after no later than our weeks. For colour transformations from dark to light, this isn’t a problem. A hint of dark roots can even create an illusion of depth in blonde hair. Whether roots really bother you or not depends largely on the haircut.

For short, rather tousled and well texturised layered cuts, they’re hardly noticeable. For flatter cuts, you should get your roots touched up every four weeks. And this is particularly important for colours in the medium blonde to darker range. Because whilst blonde can look good with visibly darker roots, this isn’t the case the other way round.

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