Cream Blush vs Powder Blush

The makeup world is ever-changing and ever-growing with new products coming onto the market every week! A particular hot topic is the debate over cream vs. powder blush – which is best? Cream and powder blushers do different things and give a different finish.

Powder blush tends to give a more ‘finished’ and pigmented look, and they’re also much better suited to oily skin. Cream blush tends to leave the skin looking more dewy and fresh (but if you’ve already got some sheen from naturally oily skin, powder blush is the one for you!) Cream blush is best for dry and aging skin- they leave the skin with a youthful glow and though they’re dense, they tend to let you natural skin show through a but more than powder blushers. Cream blushes also allow you to avoid a big beauty blunder- putting on too much product! If you’re a bit heavy handed, or otherwise struggle to get a natural finish, give cream blush a go! It allows you to build up slowly and blend the product in if you apply too much! Although it really comes down to your personal choice, you may just have to spend some time experimenting to find what works best for you!

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