Summer Hair Styles 2021

Summer has officially arrived! The next few months will be filled with sun, sand, and water for most of us. Something we know a lot of people struggle with is styling summer hair in a managable and protective way. Check out some of our favourite Summer styles below:


Less damaging than standard ponytails, putting your hair in a twist and pinning with a bull clip is a trendy and super easy way to add style, and protect your natural locks!



Scarves can be tied into the hair in so many different ways- great to have in your bag for those days that just get too hot to have your hair down. Use a hair-tie or some bobby pins with the scarf to keep the style in place!



A classic Summer staple- and another all-rounder! A high top-knot (as pictured above with the scarf) is great to keep all that hair off your face and neck. A lower chignon or bun is a great way to stay cooler, and keep your hair safe, while adding a touch of class! One of our fav chignons below: