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  • | Carla Thompson

    Perms are Back, Baby!

    Hearing the word perm probably conjures up thoughts of huge (usually frizzy) 80s hair, but the reality these days is far removed from this. View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    The Low-down on Microdermabrasion

    We talk a lot about microdermabrasion at H&B, and I mean a LOT – it is one of our most popular beauty services for clients and staff alike. So, what exactly is this fabulous facial add-on, and why is it so effective? Micro-dermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that uses a machine with tiny... View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Breaking Up With Acne

    Traditionally seen as a teenage problem, acneic skin and oiliness can strike at any age. Whether you’re 15 or 55, this can seriously impact your confidence. Left untreated, acneic skin can lead to increased visible signs of aging, enlarged pores, dull skin, and even scarring. View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    How To Prevent And Treat Ingrown Hairs

    Can’t catch a break with ingrown hairs? Check out some of our top tips to combat those pesky little things! View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Spotlight On... Lash Lifts

    Looking for lashes that appear longer and more lush? Then a lash lift and tint might be the option for you! View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Chlorine 101: How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine Damage

    Chlorine is incredibly effective at killing harmful bacteria in our water (such as E.Coli), but unfortunately it does not discriminate – it also destroys the good microbial flora that live on the surface of our skin, and depletes Vitamin E levels.  View Post

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