Christmas For Care

If you visited the salon earlier this year when we launched the La Biosthetique Colour with Care initiative, you would’ve learnt about our efforts to help provide nutrition and emergency supplies to malnourished children in impoverished or war-torn countries. For every tube of colour we use, La Biosthetique donates a portion to Doctors without Borders. The La Biosthetique family have worked together to donate over 200,000 meals in a year, as well as emergency packs and other much-needed supplies.

La Biosthetique want to continue their work through the Christmas period, and have added a feel-good bonus to the Christmas Packs this year. We have 6 different Christmas Packs (Dry Hair, Silky Hair, Anti-frizz, Colour Protection, Nourishing Hair, and a lovely Clarifying Beauty pack) and for every purchase of a Christmas pack, La Biosthetique will donate one emergency food ration pack to families in need around the world. For every 40 Christmas Packs H&B sell, we donate enough food to bring a malnourished child back to healthy weight.

We have giftpacks that suit every hair type; each pack contains a full-sized shampoo and conditioner with a complimentary styling or moisturising product included. (You read that right; a complimentary full-sized product!) with the added benefit of knowing where the proceeds are going.

This Christmas, give the gift that keeps on giving, and know with every pack you purchase, you are supporting Doctors without Borders save people in need around the world.

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