Cloud 9 vs. GHD Hair Straighteners- Hair Stylist's Opinion

For the past decade, both GHD and Cloud 9 have dominated the heated hair tool game. Both companies can boast worldwide success, with each stocking a number of hair tools and accessories, but which is the better option for you?

We know that purchasing a top of the line hair straightener is an investment, so it’s worth spending a little time looking into what you’re purchasing, and which product will be best for you.

With H&B team members being in the industry for decades, we have seen the rise and fall of a lot of hair tech, and had the opportunity to test out a lot of brands!

By far our favourite hair straighteners have been the Cloud 9 range

Here’s why:

  • Cloud 9 irons come in three sizes as standard, meaning there’s something to help everyone
  • Cloud 9 are constantly working on improving their technology, meaning each new release is even better than the last.
  • We get limited edition promo packs around the holidays which means even more special goodies passed on to our clients!

Our Favourite Part...

And probably the most important feature of the Cloud 9 irons is… adjustable temperature! Both the Original and Wide irons offer a temperature control panel to allow you to choose your temperature. Starting with 100C for fine or delicate sections of the hair, and going all the way up to 200 for intense styling on thicker or longer sections of the hair.

We change the temperature of the irons for each client we see- those with shorter, finer, or more damaged hair will need low temperatures, and those with thicker or stronger hair need the dial turned up (or we pull out the trusty Wide Iron instead!)

Which Cloud 9 Iron is best for me?

Original Iron- this size is best for people with ‘standard’ length and thickness, or prefer the standard iron size.

Wide Iron- this size is best for people with longer, thicker, or curlier hair. If you have afro hair or really thick hair, this one is for you! Wider plates mean you get the same smooth action in less time.

Micro Iron- these babies are best for people with short hair, need a smaller iron for travelling, or only use their iron for fringes and small pieces of hair. The Micro Iron is not equipped with adjustable temperature, but the smooth ceramic plates and lower set temperature are designed to keep your hair safe. 

The Cherry on Top

As hair stylists, we do our best to educate our clients on their hairs’ needs and how best to style at home. We have peace of mind when a client takes home a Cloud 9 product, knowing their hair is in safe hands.

All Standard and Wide Cloud 9 Iron purchases through H&B include a complimentary La Biosthetique Heat Protector (worth $48!)

If you have any questions about which product is best for your needs, email our friendly team at

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