Saying Hello To The Liberated Me

As a waxing newbie, I had often scoffed at my girlfriends – who by their own admissions, take painstaking efforts to yank, rip and tweeze every loose hair south of their eyebrows.

But it wasn’t until the end of my long-term relationship, did I step back and take a long hard look at myself in the mirror. Now that I was officially back on the market, my girlfriends’ chiding seemed more and more legitimate… and as they say, if you want to sell the house, you’ve got to mow the lawn right? So what the heck – you only live once. What is life without embracing a little hot wax?

I was recommended Hair Art & Beauty. I had heard of their radio ads in the past but had never been there before. Understandably I was a little nervous to have some stranger examine my privates in less than flattering light (where is the mood lighting when you need it?), but I was assured they were one of the best in the industry for Brazilians.

After trawling through their site, wine glass in hand, I decided to put on my big girl panties and take the plunge. Booking online was an absolute breeze and I was left counting down the days.

Here are a couple rules of thumb when it comes to waxing your nether-regions…

  1. Let it go
    No, I’m not referring to Frozen (although wasn’t that movie great?) – I am referring to letting your hair grow out. A quarter of an inch is preferred so that is approximately three weeks of no shaving.
  2. It pays to shower before-hand
    Having a shower did calm my mini freak-out about having to show my privates to a stranger, and an added bonus was that I felt a bit more comfortable knowing I smelt nice and felt clean.
  3. Have some painkillers (or a glass of wine)
    My girlfriends advised taking a couple of painkillers about an hour before my appointment and boy did those little beauties do the trick.

So, back to it…

I was welcomed by Maureen who ushered me into a beautifully lit room. I have to admit the soothing music did little to calm my nerves, but Maureen assured me that it would be over before I knew it.

There was a towel on the bed – for privacy I assumed – not that we needed it… and Maureen left me in peace to get ready and psych myself into a semblance of calm.

I was mentally preparing myself for awkward butterfly poses (I had even practiced the night before), but thankfully, it was a relatively strain-free process. There was no request to splay my legs out (thank goodness for that), and I was thankfully able to keep them in what I felt to be a seemingly sensible position.

The hot wax had a lovely scent to it and strangely, it was more of a warm comforting feeling when applied, instead of the burning sensation I had imagined.

Now ladies – that first pull – I’m not going to lie, was painful. But Maureen had a way about her and by the end of it all we were joking and chatting away like old friends. I lost my rather unattractive grimace and looking at her masterpiece by the end of it, I have to say I felt thrilled (albeit a bit chilly down there).

Now for those of you wondering, I did get the full Brazilian experience – because if you’re going to do something you may as well do it right, right? It turns out; the full experience includes doing the ‘back’ as Maureen calls it – which essentially is the area in between the buttocks. This was a relatively pain-free process of rolling onto my side and lifting my butt cheek (why had I imagined needing to crouch on all fours??).

Maureen advised no hot baths for the next 24 hours and suggested re-booking in six week’s time. I have to say I am hooked and I can’t wait for my next fix. There really is nothing better than the feeling of being clean, tidy and truly liberated – and I am excited to see if my freshly mowed lawn attracts any interested buyers. Wish me luck ladies!

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