Do you love the look of nail polish but hate the chips and smudges? Shellac polish is the answer! Where standard polishes don’t deliver, Shellac does- long lasting, smudge and chip-proof colour for your nails. Shellac is a gel-type polish that is cured with UV light (we put your nails in a small UV-lit machine to dry each coat before applying the next). With rich pigmented colours and a beautiful glossy finish, Shellac provides a long-wearing alternative to your usual varnishes. Depending on the client, Shellac usually lasts 2-4 weeks. Instead of spending your valuable time waiting for your polish to dry, or redoing cracked and blotched varnish, try a Shellac manicure or pedicure at H&B today!

H&B offers Shellac removal for a small charge- you should only have to get Shellac removed when your nails grow and polish moves up away from your cuticles; imagine that! Your mani or pedi lasts perfectly for weeks, saving you time and money on constant painting and re-painting with your regular polish.

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