Sustainable Salons

Sustainable Salons

At Hair Art & Beauty, our essence lies not just in delivering top-notch beauty services, but also in embodying a vision of beauty that's harmoniously balanced with environmental sustainability. Our partnership with Sustainable Salons is a testament to this commitment, and here's our story.

Why We Partnered with Sustainable Salons

Located in the heart of New Zealand, our salon understands the importance of preserving the exquisite natural beauty that surrounds us. Becoming a Sustainable Salon was a conscious choice to intertwine beauty, wellness, and environmental sustainability. Our aim was clear: to create ripples in the beauty industry by introducing sustainability at its very core. Joining Sustainable Salons allowed us to embrace actionable strategies, minimizing our carbon footprint, and championing an eco-friendly approach that resonates with our clientele.

Transforming the Salon Experience

Since our association with Sustainable Salons, we've witnessed a transformation not only in our operational dynamics but also in the salon experience we offer. Waste from our salon is no longer just waste; it's an opportunity. Aluminium foils find a second life through recycling, hair clippings aid in oil spill clean-ups, and beauty product containers metamorphose into functional items like combs and clips. Beyond recycling, even food scraps from our salon have a purpose, feeding pigs on a team member's farm.

Empowering Our Team

Our team is the heartbeat of our salon, and their dedication to our sustainable ethos is unwavering. They are trained, empowered, and serve as ambassadors for our commitment to the environment. With every strand they style, they're also weaving our story of sustainability, enlightening clients about our initiatives, from the recycling of resources to our significant contributions through the Sustainable Salons program.

Beyond the Salon Walls

Our sustainability vision goes beyond just our salon operations. Clients visiting Hair Art & Beauty are welcomed into an environment where eco-consciousness is celebrated. They learn about our partnership with the Little Princess Trust, where used hair extensions are transformed into hairpieces for young individuals battling hair loss. They are introduced to our unique initiatives, like the on-site beehive that promotes biodiversity or our sustainable expansion plans involving reclaimed wood and energy-efficient LED lights.

Join the Movement

We are more than just a beauty destination. Hair Art & Beauty stands as a testament to the possibility of harmonizing business with environmental responsibility. Our association with Sustainable Salons is not just a badge we wear with pride but a call to action. We hope to inspire other businesses to take a leap, redefining their operational ethos, and making sustainability a non-negotiable aspect of their journey.

We invite you to visit Hair Art & Beauty, experience our services, and immerse yourself in our sustainability story. Together, we can redefine beauty, one sustainable step at a time.


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Your appointment is very important to us. Appointments can be made during our normal opening hours or online. We recommend that you book your appointment at least a week in advance to ensure a time that suits your requirements. On your first visit, please arrive at the salon approximately 10 minutes before the appointment time so that you can relax and complete our new client profile.

H&B is an award winning salon with highly trained staff, and as such we have a limited number of appointments available. The time we allocate for your appointment is reserved for you, and it is our guarantee that a fully qualified and highly experienced professional has been appointed to take care of your needs.

For new clients, or appointments over one hour we may ask you to pay a booking fee to secure your booking. This amount will come off of your total to be paid at the time of the appointment.

For any changes or cancellations to an appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for appointments under one hour, and 48 hours' notice for appointments over one hour. Otherwise, you will be required to pay 50% of the total appointment cost as a late cancellation fee.

Last minute cancellations have a significant impact on the salon, our team, and clients. We have found that this cancellation policy is the best way of managing commitments to appointments, and it also has the added benefit of keeping our costs and prices down for our clients.

We have our own car park for H&B clients (entrance off Cranford Street side). There is also plenty of on-street parking. We have wheel chair access into the salon.

Consultations are available for all services, with most being complimentary. Get in touch for more information on services or consultations.