Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus Ampoules

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10 x 10ml Ampoules


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An intensive treatment uses two different active ingredients to combat hereditary, hormonal, temporary and patchy hair loss and premature cell death. Optimises the thickness, growth and quality of your hair.


  • Apply the ampoule after washing by parting the hair to expose the scalp, and before blow-drying lightly massage in with the fingertips or allow to absorb for 10 minutes.
  • Apply the contents of an ampoule every second day (ideally over the course of four months).
  • To address a predisposition to hereditary hair loss, apply 1–2 ampoules a week over the course of six weeks.
  • To support and activate hair growth, perform a treatment once to twice a year. Use 10 ampoules over the course of six weeks.


  • B vitamins strengthen the hair papilla which leads to improved thickness, hair growth and hair quality.
  • Zinc, copper, yeast feed hair follicle with nutrients for growth.
  • Hair-active hydrolysed proteins, vitamins, peptides and trace elements boost the supply to the hair roots while biostimulators improve the biosynthesis of the hair-forming cells.
  • A biologically active lipopeptide is a powerful ingredient that easily breaks through the skin’s natural barrier, deeply penetrates the hair follicle and tackles premature cell death triggered by the attack of free radicals.


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