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  • | Carla Thompson

    Super Supplements!

    For our hair and skin to be in the best condition possible, there are certain nutrients our bodies need. Many factors in today’s modern lifestyle can contribute to a nutritional deficiency – stress, environmental pollution, pregnancy hormones, poor sleep, lifestyle choices, and diet all cause var... View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Autumn Promos Available Now!

  • | Carla Thompson

    Meder Beauty Science Has Arrived!

    Meder Beauty Science is a range of targeted facials and skincare products designed to treat 6 different skin concerns. View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    H&B Formal Offer

    H&B can help you prepare for your big day with this great offer! View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Christmas For Care

    If you visited the salon earlier this year when we launched the La Biosthetique Colour with Care initiative, you would’ve learnt about our efforts to help provide nutrition and emergency supplies to malnourished children in impoverished or war-torn countries. View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Have You Heard Of The Curly Girl Method?

    The Curly Girl Method (CGM) is a way of washing and treating your hair that enhances your natural curls. First coined by Lorraine Massey in the early 2000’s; she encouraged everyone to embrace their natural hair with products free from silicones, sulphates, parabens, alcohols, etc. View Post

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