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  • | Carla Thompson

    Supporting a Vital Cause: The Pink Ribbon Appeal at H&B

    Every May, communities across New Zealand band together for a crucial cause – the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign. This initiative, spearheaded by the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ), is a nationwide effort to raise awareness and funds to combat breast cancer, which remains the most common can... View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    La Biosthetique International Award Wins

    La Biosthetique's recent achievements, the German Sustainability Award 2023 and the Global Transition Award 2022, exemplify their commitment to environmental and social responsibility, aligning with our salon's values and goals. These awards, recognizing significant efforts in reducing ecological impact and promoting sustainability, inspire us at H&B to continue partnering with eco-conscious brands like La Biosthetique. View Post
  • | Emily Hartshorne

    What Happens to our Salon Waste?

    Over 95% of waste generated in the salon is now able to be recycled, preventing it from being sent to landfill. We separate all of our waste into various categories, before it is collected by Sustainable Salons NZ and processed, ready to be sent to the appropriate recycling facility. Here in Chri... View Post
  • | sneha mishra

    Get Rewards with H&B!

    At H&B, we have two great ways for you to be rewarded!  H&B In-Salon Rewards Receive points for every service or product purchase. $500 spent on services earns you $20 rewards dollars. Points not earned on promotional services H&B Online Rewards $1 = 1 point You can earn extra poin... View Post
  • | sneha mishra

    All About Skin Aging

    Aging – it is one of life’s inevitabilities. A complex biological process caused by both internal and external factors that starts to show in our early twenties, aging will affect all of us in some way. As our body’s regenerative functions begin to slow down and the aging process accelerates, we ... View Post
  • | sneha mishra

    Meder Beauty Science Has Arrived!

    Meder Beauty Science is a range of targeted facials and skincare products designed to treat 6 different skin concerns. View Post