In the heart of New Zealand, Hair Art & Beauty stands as a beacon of innovation and responsibility, where exceptional beauty services are harmonized with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our journey is a testament to the belief that true beauty encompasses care for the environment, our community, and future generations. Proudly EKOS certified for 2022 (Climate Positive- measuring and offsetting 120% of our carbon emissions) and 2023 (Net Zero Carbon Lite- measuring and offsetting our carbon footprint, using EKOS' online tools). The carbon credits we have purchased are from projects that support forest growth, biodiversity, and community development in Aotearoa and the Pacific Islands.

H&B were proudly awarded NZ's Sustainable Salon of the Year in 2022, and were happy finalists in the same category for 2023!

Our Sustainable Practices and Partnerships

  • Innovative Recycling with Sustainable Salons: The Sustainable Salons program recycles up to 95% of salon waste, transforming materials like aluminum, plastic, and hair into new products and environmental tools. This initiative redirects waste from landfills, uses hair clippings for oil spill clean-up booms, and recycles metals and plastics into valuable resources. Hair Art & Beauty's participation reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability, aligning with our ethos by actively reducing our ecological footprint, supporting circular economy principles, and engaging in practices that benefit both the environment and the community. See our What Happens To Our Salon Waste? blog for more info!

To support our commitment to sustainability, a $3 Green Fee is added to each service. This fee helps us responsibly recycle up to 95% of our salon resources—including hair, metals, and plastics—ensuring they are repurposed for environmental and community benefit rather than ending up in landfill. Additionally, it supports charitable causes such as feeding the hungry and aiding in oil spill clean-ups.

We have recycled 762 product bottles through our Recycling Station!


  • Colour with Care for Global Impact: The Colour With Care initiative by La Biosthetique turns every hair colouring service into a charitable act, donating a portion of proceeds to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). This partnership enables us at Hair Art & Beauty to directly contribute to global humanitarian efforts, supporting emergency medical aid in over 70 countries. Through Colour With Care, we help fund critical interventions, including nutrition packs for malnourished children and medical supplies for crisis-affected areas.

Hair Art & Beauty have raised 1407 Emergency Nutrition Packs!

Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in every decision. From energy-efficient operations and local sourcing to our salon's eco-conscious design, every element reflects our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint. We have invested in energy-efficient technology, including tablets for clients to read digital magazines on, drastically lowering our paper usage as a salon.
Our recent expansion underscores this commitment, incorporating reclaimed materials, energy-efficient lighting, and the exploration of renewable energy sources to further minimize our impact on the planet.

Local and Global Conservation Efforts

At Hair Art & Beauty, we embrace a holistic approach to environmental stewardship that spans from our immediate surroundings to the far reaches of the globe. Our support for the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya is a prime example of our commitment to global biodiversity. The sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned and injured elephants, playing a crucial role in the conservation of African elephants. Coupled with our local efforts, like maintaining onsite beehives to promote pollination and ecosystem health, our diverse conservation activities underscore our dedication to preserving and enhancing biodiversity across the planet.

Empowering Our Community Through Support and Engagement

Our connection to the community is foundational to our identity. Beyond our eco-friendly salon practices, we are deeply involved in community support and charitable endeavors.

Hair Art & Beauty proudly supports Dress for Success Christchurch, an initiative empowering women to achieve economic independence. Over the past few years, we have provided hair and makeup styling for their fashion shows, donated vouchers for fundraising efforts, and most recently, running a donation initiative in the salon to fill donated purses and handbags with beauty and hygiene items. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to fostering confidence and self-sufficiency, helping women step into the workforce with poise and dignity.

We have also supported many other local groups, including:

  • Fundraising for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (thank you to all our clients who donated, we raised over $1600!)
  • Participating in the Love Grace handbag drive to support women escaping domestic violence.
  • Supporting both Abbey Curd and Georgia Waddington in their Miss New Zealand/Miss International competitions.
  • Sponsoring the Avon Hockey Club for many years (including purchasing the uniforms for their girls team).
  • As well as donating vouchers towards fundraisers for various schools and local groups.

H&B Avon Premier Women’s Hockey Team

Invitation to Join Our Sustainable Vision

Hair Art & Beauty is more than a salon; it's a movement towards integrating beauty, environmental stewardship, and community support into a cohesive, sustainable vision. We invite you to join us in this journey, where each service and interaction is a step towards a more sustainable and compassionate world. Together, we can redefine beauty, making it inclusive of care for our planet and each other.