• | Carla Thompson

    Updated Salon Policies

    As the summer season approaches, we would like to extend our warmest greetings and take a moment to refresh you all on our salon policies. These policies are designed to ensure that every visit to our salon is a relaxing experience for you and all our clients. CANCELLATIONS We understand that pla... View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Personalized Hair and Skin Care: Tailoring Treatments for Unique Needs

    2023 heralds the dawn of bespoke beauty. In this digital age, where customization dominates sectors from food to entertainment, beauty is no exception. Technology-driven hair and skin analyses are becoming increasingly accessible, enabling the formulation of products tailored to individual needs.... View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    "Skinimalism" : Achieving a Natural Glow with Minimal Products

    Skinimalism, 2023's beauty buzzword, embodies the philosophy of "less is more". It encourages a decluttering of beauty regimens, urging individuals to return to the basics. This movement aims not only to simplify routines but also to reduce the environmental footprint of the beauty industry. It’s... View Post
  • | Carla Thompson

    Hair and Beauty Trends in 2023: What’s In and What’s Out?

    Fashion is a cyclical phenomenon, and in 2023, the hair and beauty industry showcases this reality at its best. View Post
  • | sneha mishra

    The Fabulous Fashion of 'And Just Like That...'

    And Just Like That... our fave fashionistas are back! We've loved seeing Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda on our screens again - whether it's sex and relationships, aging and beauty standards, or even grief and loss, the show (like the original SATC) isn't afraid to address the important issues that... View Post