Hair Extensions

hair extensions


Get fuller, longer hair in an instant with Hair Art & Beauty and Great Lengths hair extensions!

Whether you're wanting to add length and fullness for a celeb-worthy mane, adding a few pops of fashion colour without any damage, or looking for more volume in finer hair, Great Lengths extensions can deliver - the extensions can be styled, coloured, curled and straightened, and have a slight wave to them, making them look incredibly natural, even when air dried.

 Great Lengths extensions are made from 100% human, remy hair that is ethically sourced and completely traceable. The hair is all double-drawn, so it is the same density from root to tip – no more thin ends!


Hair Art & Beauty is a Great Lengths Registered Salon.

With over 100 shades available in the Great Lengths range, we could not possibly stock them all! So that we can create the perfect colour match for your hair, we order our extensions as we need them, rather than just holding a few standard shades in stock.
   The first step on your Great Lengths journey is to book in for a consultation with our Great Lengths specialist via our online booking system. This allows us to colour match the extensions with your hair, discuss your desired result, and assess your hair length, texture and density so we can provide you with a quote.    When you're ready, we'll take a deposit, order the extensions, and book you in for your installation appointment.

A consultation is required before an extensions appointment can be made. Consultations take approximately 20 minutes, and have a charge of $50.00, which is credited towards your extensions appointment.

The price for a full head of extensions starts at $1200.00, and is dependent on a number of factors including the density and length of the hair. A full quote will be given during your consultation.

Partial head extensions to add fullness or a pop of colour are also available.


We offer two methods of extension installation at H&B – tape-in extensions and keratin bonded extensions. Tape-in extensions are fabulous for short-term use (like for a big event, holiday, wedding, etc), while keratin bonds are more suited for long-term use.

Tape extensions are installed by sandwiching thin sections of hair between two extension pieces, using a medical-grade adhesive strip. Great Lengths tapes are incredibly slim, and lay flat against the scalp, so they do not appear bulky. Tape-extensions are a relatively quick installation method, but they lack the flexibility of keratin-bonded extensions. 


Great Lengths keratin-bonded extensions use a patented application method with a specialty machine to activate the bonds, which are made up of keratin, the main component found in human hair. The bonds are quite fine, and can be customised to be even finer - when installed by a certified Great Lengths technician they are almost undetectable in the hair.


When installed by a certified Great Lengths technician, GL keratin-bonded extensions are one of the safest extension methods for your own hair.

Because the bonds are made with a synthetic keratin that is identical to that found in human hair, they flex and move with your natural hair. This makes them far gentler on the scalp and hair shaft than other extension methods such as microbeads or sew-ins. They also put very little tension on the hair and scalp, as there is no braiding or clamping involved.

For more information contact us or visit the Great Lengths website.