Meet Toni: Our Salon's Sustainability Ambassador

At Hair Art & Beauty, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. A big part of our green initiatives is thanks to the dedicated efforts of our team, with a special mention to our Salon Assistant and Sustainability Ambassador, Toni. Her role is crucial in ensuring we uphold our promise to the environment and our community.

A Passion for Sustainability

Toni joined our team with a strong passion for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Her enthusiasm quickly led her to take on the role of Sustainability Ambassador. Toni has become the backbone of our eco-friendly practices, ensuring that every piece of waste is sorted and disposed of correctly.

The Role of a Sustainability Ambassador

As our Sustainability Ambassador, Toni is responsible for managing our Sustainable Salons bins and waste. Every fortnight, she meticulously sorts through our salon's waste, ensuring that everything is placed in the correct bins for collection. This process is more than just separating paper from plastic; it involves understanding the nuances of recycling and proper disposal to minimize our environmental impact.

Sustainable Salons Initiative

Our participation in the Sustainable Salons initiative means we go beyond standard recycling. The program collects various types of salon waste, including hair clippings, foils, and product containers, and ensures they are repurposed or recycled appropriately. Thanks to Toni and the team's efforts, we have successfully collected over 800 product bottles from clients and team members, ensuring they are recycled through the Sustainable Salons program.

Making a Difference

Our team's dedication to sustainability not only helps us maintain our status as NZ's Sustainable Salon of the Year in 2022 and runner-up in 2023 but also inspires our team and clients to be more mindful of their environmental impact. By taking the time to educate themselves and others about sustainable practices, our team ensures that our salon remains a beacon of environmental stewardship in the beauty industry.

A Team Effort

While Toni leads our sustainability efforts, it is truly a team effort at Hair Art & Beauty. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in everything we do, from using eco-friendly products to reducing waste and supporting conservation initiatives like the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. The combined efforts of our entire team are vital in keeping our salon on track with our green goals.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to expand our services and welcome clients to our new spa extension, our sustainability practices will become even more crucial. The commitment of our team to sustainability will help us maintain and improve our green practices, ensuring that we continue to lead by example in the beauty industry.

At Hair Art & Beauty, we are proud of our team's hard work and dedication to sustainability. Their efforts make our salon a better, greener place. Thank you to Toni and the entire team for all that you do to make our salon a model of environmental responsibility!