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La Biosthetique Dry Hair Conditioning Spray

Bi-phase express conditioning spray for dry, structurally damaged hair

Lacking or incorrect care, dry air, overly hot blow-drying, and damaging UV rays - all contribute to dry, structurally damaged hair. This results in hair that lacks shine, strength, bounce, and vitality, making it extremely difficult to style.

The Dry Hair Conditioning Spray instantly restores softness, stylability, and beautiful shine to structurally damaged hair. The spray increases the resistance of the hair, smooths damaged parts of the structure, and strengthens them again, leaving hair breakage and split ends in the past.

This fast-acting spray doesn't require rinsing and has an instant effect, thanks to the highly effective proteins and a unique cocktail of revolutionary lipids. The instant hydro lipid effect provides up to 34% more softness, while the long-term hydro lipid effect provides 24-hour softness. The hydro lipid regeneration effect strengthens the structure after just five applications. Flyaway, static hair is no longer a problem. The hair is given noticeable elasticity, is very easy to style again, and has a deliciously fresh scent of bergamot, rhubarb, peach, lily of the valley, rose, or jasmine. This scent was created by an international scent designer exclusively for La Biosthétique Paris.

Additionally, this leave-in hydrating and detangling spray contains UVA protection to protect your hair from damaging sun rays.

Usage: Shake well and spray evenly into clean, towel dried hair. Leave in. 

Key Active Ingredients: Wheat microproteins, Black Oat Extract, Soy Lecithin, Mexican Desert Rose.

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