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La Biosthetique Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Chute


Elixir Anti-Chute is a tonic designed to promote lasting hair growth and strengthen hair.

As we age, the scalp's connective tissue becomes harder due to saccharification, causing hair to become finer and thinner. Elixir Anti-Chute prevents hair thinning and gradual loss with the help of three types of cell extracts. Larch wood polyphenol reactivates the formation of young stem cells, while phyto cell extracts protect, regenerate, and support parent cells. Glyco cell extract from bearberry and Indian padauk helps prevent saccharification and offers active UV protection.

This formula features state-of-the-art cell-active ingredients that stimulate the formation of young, high-performance stem cells, protect them, and extend their life cycle. These cells are essential for active hair growth.

Elixir Anti-Chute gradually reverses the hardening of hair follicles caused by saccharification, which can damage hair growth. This tonic is an ideal preventative and accompanying therapy for hereditary androgenic hair loss.

Using Elixir Anti-Chute Premium will give you healthy and full hair by strengthening hair growth on all significant levels, preventing hair loss, and slowing down the aging processes of your scalp.

PROOF OF DERMOSTHETIQUE RANGE After three months of daily treatment, there was a 9 percent increase in new hair growth and a 17 percent decrease in hair loss. Specifically, this amounts to an increase in hair density by up to 28,000 hairs. **Active ingredient study, source: Induchem AG (26 testers).

Usage: Distribute on the scalp on clean, towel dried hair. Massage in and leave on.

Key Active Ingredients: Larchwood polyphenols, Complexe Regenerante, Bearberry, Indian Padauk, Glycogen

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Joanne Lean

Really great product thank you very much for your quick delivery! So good to know you are on line to buy this product.