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La Biosthetique Homme Hair & Scalp Tonic

Revitalize your hair with this invigorating Hair & Scalp Tonic, specially formulated to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. This refreshing scalp lotion maintains the natural balance of your scalp, leaving you with healthy and beautiful-looking hair. The energizing complex of minerals and innovative algae formula optimizes hair thickness while improving microcirculation, activating cell respiration, and promoting regeneration. With a cooling menthol effect, the La Biosthetique Homme Hair & Scalp Tonic provides a daily ritual of revitalizing care for men.

Method: Apply directly to the scalp on clean, towel dried hair and massage in. Leave in.

Key Active Ingredients: Oarweed, brown algae, channelled wrack, menthol


  • $34.50