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Meder Arma-Derm Cream

Nourishing and firming cream for dry and mature skin.

How it Works

Arma-Derm Cream is the best dry skin care for tired, mature and ageing skin providing active nourishment and protection and maintaining its elasticity. Sweet almond oil nourishes dry skin relieving its discomfort and protecting it from inflammation. Jojoba oil nourishes, moisturises and heals micro-injuries in the skin. Rare and precious Peacock’s tail alga extract has very powerful regenerating and hydrating properties and is able to create a shield against the effects of pollution. Vitamin E reduces UV damage and promotes all restorative processes in the skin. Rich in ingredients but light in texture, Arma-Derm Cream smooths dry skin, adding a much needed glow, fighting fine lines and replenishing natural reserves in tired overworked skin.

How to Use

Wash your face and use serum as usual. If you’re using any of Meder Beauty Science targeted care, apply concentrate and mask before the cream, too. Apply a small amount of Arma-Derm Cream to the skin, distribute evenly with light stroking motions. Use daily, morning and evening.

  • $145.00