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Meder Blepharo-Light Eye Cream

Very light, refreshing and rejuvenating eye cream for puffy eyes and dark circles.

How it Works

Blepharo-Light Eye Cream is a powerful dark circle and bags under eyes-fighting solution. The lightweight formula based on natural lecithin visibly reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes. Caffeine tightens blood vessels helping remove excess liquid and slow down photoageing. The active agent of horse chestnut extract, escin, strengthens capillaries, fights inflammation and immediately reduces swelling.  Niacinamide stimulates the skin, normalises microcirculation, fights age-related changes and reduces pigmentation.

Blepharo-Light Cream reduces and prevents puffiness, bags and circles under eyes and premature ageing. Light and powerful, visibly brightening under eyes area, suitable for sensitive skin. Simply the best eye cream!

How to Use

Wash your face and use serum as usual. Apply a small amount to the eye area, distribute evenly around the eyes. Use daily, morning and night. Follow with other Meder Beauty Science eye care, if necessary, and a face cream.

  • $150.00