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Meder Eu-Seb Mask 5-pack

Normalising anti-acne mask for oily, inflammation prone skin with blemishes. Pack of 5.

How it Works

Eu-Seb Mask is indispensable for problem and oily skin. Active gel in the mask reduces the activity of harmful bacteria and restores the skin’s balanced microbiome. The mask calms the skin, decreases inflammation, regulates sebum, evens out skin tone and brightens the skin. Chamomile extract has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, calming the skin and accelerating its healing. Aloe extract easily penetrates through the skin surface moisturising it deeply, calming and instantly relieving pain and discomfort. Aloe creates an invisible protective layer on the skin shielding it from photo-ageing and harmful microorganisms. Green tea extract is naturally rich in vital antioxidants and stimulates the blood circulation. Hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration and firms the skin. Anti-inflammatory and calming peptide Skinasensyl restoring the skin healthy immunity.

Consistent regular use is key. Individual results may vary.

How to Use

Wash your face and use serum as usual. Apply Eu-Seb Concentrate to the face, massage lightly. Open the sachet, take out the mask, unfold it and place it on your face. Hook side slits to your ears, pull the lower part of the mask down to cover your chin and hook the second pair of slits to your ears. Leave on for 20 minutes. After taking the mask off, rub in the remaining active gel until fully absorbed. Use 1–2 times a week or as often as you wish. Follow with Meder Beauty Science cream. 

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