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Meder Hydra-Fill Mask 5-pack


Introducing Hydra-Fill deep moisturizing sheet mask, a perfect instant beauty solution for dry skin with signs of stress and fatigue. This award-winning mask is a go-to choice for brides-to-be, celebrities, and influencers who want to look their best.

The mask is infused with a high dose of hyaluronic acid and deep sea water extract, which deeply moisturize the skin and help it retain water on all levels. In just 20 minutes, the plumping and filling effect of Hydra-Fill brightens the complexion, giving you a rested, fresh, and radiant look.

Loved by actress Carey Mulligan, the Hydra-Fill mask has won multiple awards, including the Beauty Bible Bronze Award 2022 for Best Mask for Dry Skin, the Attracta Beauty Award 2021 for Best Moisturizing Recyclable Mask, and the W.Icons Beauty Award 2022 for Best Sheet Mask.

This mask is the perfect choice before a wedding, photo shoot, or any important event. Its hydrating and brightening properties make your skin look firmer and brighter for hours, if not days, afterward. The addition of Vitamin E, deep sea water, tranexamic acid, carrageenan, and skinasensyl work together to protect, boost natural resilience and collagen production, reduce pigmentation, and create an invisible protective layer that makes the skin glow.

The mask is made of natural bamboo fiber and contains almost 30ml of active gel, the same as all Meder sheet masks. For best results, combine with Hydra-Fill Concentrate and moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type.

Moisturising Complex – helps the skin to more easily absorb and retain moisture

Tranexamic Acid – brightens the skin and supresses inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid – increases natural hyaluronic acid production in the deep skin layers.

Skinasensyl – soothes and calms the skin, suppressing irritation.


Open the sachet and unfold the mask carefully. Place over the face aligning with the mouth and nose. Hook the side slots over the ears, then lift the lower half of the mask under the chin, and hook the slots over the ears.

Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove. Massage the skin until all remaining product is absorbed.

Sachet can be soaked in warm water prior to application for a more comfortable temperature.

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