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Meder Lipo-Oval Concentrate

A daily treatment for facial puffiness and mylar bags. Helps to minimise fat deposits in the face and neck, giving a sculpted effect.

Lipo-Oval Concentrate helps to drain excess liquid, rapidly reducing puffiness and facial swelling. It also hydrates and softens the skin, soothing it.

Caffeine – reduces fat deposits and encourages fat-splitting

Capillary Strengthening Complex – restores healthy microcirculation and capillary elasticity. Drains excessive liquid

Wild Yam Extract – reduces hormone-dependent skin changes and maintains skin elasticity during weight loss

Arginine – An amino acid that restores the resilience of facial tissue and strengthens muscle fibre.

Pullulan – lifts and firms the facial tissue and muscles

Allantoin and Skinasensyl – reduce sensitivity and soothe the skin

Moisturising Complex – hydrates and softens the skin, improving its ability to retain moisture


After cleansing, apply to the areas of the face and neck affected by puffiness. Massage in until absorbed.

  • $239.20