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Meder Lipo-Oval Mask 5-pack

A weekly sheet mask for the treatment of facial puffiness and malar bags.

Lipo-Oval Mask helps to reduce fat deposits in the face and neck, minimising puffiness. It also hydrates and softens the skin, improving its regenerative abilities.


Caffeine – improves fat-splitting and reduces fat deposits.

Capillary Strengthening Complex – helps to restore microcirculation and capillary elasticity

Wild Yam Extract – reduces hormone-dependent skin changes and maintains skin elasticity during weight loss

Arginine – An amino acid that restores the resilience of facial tissue and strengthens muscle fibre

Pullulan – lifts and firms the facial tissue and muscles

Allantoin and Skinasensyl – reduce sensitivity and soothe the skin

Moisturising Complex – hydrates and softens the skin, improving its ability to retain moisture

Panthenol & Marigold Extract – improves the skin’s regenerative abilities


Open the sachet and unfold the mask carefully. Place over the face aligning with the mouth and nose. Hook the side slots over the ears, then lift the lower half of the mask under the chin, and hook the slots over the ears.

Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove. Massage the skin until all remaining product is absorbed.

To further enhance anti-puffiness effect, sachet can be placed in the fridge for 15 minutes prior to application

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