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Meder Net-Apax Prebiotic Cleansing Mask


Net-Apax is a gentle and effective prebiotic face cleanser that helps soothe sensitive or damaged skin prone to redness and irritation. Its micellar solution is microbiome-friendly and contains delicate silver mallow extract to calm inflammation and bring down redness.

The calming silver mallow extract soothes and relieves discomfort and irritation, while prebiotic BioEcolia® helps to normalise the skin microbiome and keep the skin healthy, smooth and free of redness. 

In addition to its cleansing benefits, Net-Apax helps to normalise the skin microbiome and reduce skin irritability. For a more pronounced calming effect, you can also use it as a mask by leaving it on for 1-2 minutes and rinsing with lukewarm water. Follow up with Meder serum for sensitive skin Soin-Apax and targeted care for redness, if needed.

Net-Apax is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including skin that has sustained trauma.

Micellar Cleansing Complex – gently removes impurities from the skin while restoring the lipid mantle.

Silver Mallow Extract – Soothes the skin, with an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect

BioEcolia – A prebiotic that improves the skin environment for healthy microflora and suppresses the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.


Massage a small amount on the face and neck, leave for 1 -2 minutes, then rinse well.
Not recommended for use with retinols and AHAs

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