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Meder Nrj-Net Revitalising Cleansing Mask

A micellar-based cleanser that removes dirt, sebum and other impurities from the skin while restoring healthy barrier function. Over time, NRJ-Net slows down the aging process, increasing collagen production and natural cell renewal.

NRJ Net is suitable for all skin types except sensitive or damaged skin (use Net-Apax instead) and is free from sulfates, parabens and alcohols.


Micellar Cleansing Complex - gently removes impurities from the skin while restoring the lipid mantle.

Bacillus Ferment – A complex probiotic that exfoliates the skin, optimises sebum production, and improves natural cell renewal.

Vitamin B3 – Restores microcirculation in the skin, improves collagen and ceramide synthesis in the deep skin layers, and restores barrier function. Regular use brightens and evens out the complexion.

Vitamin E & Rosemary Extract – Powerful antioxidants that reduce the negative effects of UV exposure, pollution and smoking.


Massage a small amount on the face and neck, leave for 1 -2 minutes, then rinse well.

Not recommended for use with retinols and AHAs. Not suitable for sensitive skin (use Net-Apax instead).

 NOTE: NRJ-Net is quite a stimulating product, and many people experience a warm/tingling sensation when using NRJ-Net, and some redness. This is due to the Vitamin B3, and will dissipate afterwards.

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