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Meder Red-Apax Concentrate

Soothing anti-redness concentrate for sensitive skin.

How it Works

An innovative redness skin care solution naturally interacting with the skin’s nervous system, Red-Apax Concentrate instantly reduces redness and restores the feeling of comfort. Northern truffle extract blocks the skin receptors of pain and heat. Yakon extract acts as a natural prebiotic and activates the expression of genes responsible for the skin’s natural protection. Prebiotic BioEcolia® and probiotic Lactic bacteria normalise skin microbiome restoring normal sensitivity. Red-Apax Concentrate helps relieve hot flashes during menopause and brings back comfortable feeling to people living with rosacea.

Consistent regular use is key. Individual results may vary. 

How to Use

After cleansing your face and using serum, apply a small amount of concentrate to the face and massage lightly until fully absorbed. Follow with your face cream. Use twice a day, morning and night. To maximise the effect, combine with Red-Apax Mask once a week. 

  • $160.00