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  • Meder Vita-Long Oil - Hair Art and Beauty

Meder Vita-Long Oil

Our award-winning epigenetic rejuvenating oil, Vita-Long instantly restores the skin’s protective layer, rebalancing the hydro-lipid film. It supresses the activity of free-radicals and reduces the harmful effects of external aggressors.

Vita-Long contains a blend of 10 organic oils, 5 natural antioxidants and 3 epigenetically active ingredients to restore skin cell DNA, prolonging cell life by an extra 30%. It visibly improves the skin within the first few days of use and restores comfort to the skin. After a few weeks, wrinkles are reduced, skin elasticity is improved and the complexion is more even.

Vita-Long oil is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Organic Oil Complex – similar to the lipid structure found in young skin, this blend of 10 organic oils instantly restores softness and comfort to the skin. It brightens the skin and rebalances age-related changes to the skin’s protective layer.

Antioxidant Complex – a blend of 5 natural antioxidants fights aggressive free radicals, reducing the impact of external factors such as UV radiation, smoking and air pollution.

Epigenetic Complex – restores cellular DNA, prolonging cell life and improving cellular function.

Apply a few drops of Vita-Long oil to clean skin and massage lightly until absorbed. Follow with desired moisturiser if needed.


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