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Meder Myo-Fix Concentrate

A daily treatment to correct mimic/expression lines. Myo-Fix is a non-invasive alternative to treatments like Botox, and was formulated to be safe for pregnant/breastfeeding people.

It reduces the mobility of superficial muscle parts, relaxing the muscle fibres. It allows natural movement of the face, while preventing mimic lines from forming.


Argireline – relaxes the muscles fibres in the skin, reducing the skin’s ability to contract which minimises muscle tension.

Leuphasyl – a strong myo-relaxant that improves the effect of argireline. Reduces stress-induced sensitivity and improves the skin’s response to endorphins.

Syn-Ake – similar in structure to Indian temple viper venom, Syn-Ake has a paralytic effect. It has an incredibly rapid effect, working almost immediately to prevent the muscles ability to contract, visibly reducing mimic wrinkles.

Matrixyl – increases the synthesis of elastin and collaging, improving firmness and elasticity and providing a ‘filler’ effect. It also helps to increase regeneration/recovery post-injury.


Using the applicator, apply on clean skin to the areas affected by mimic wrinkles (between the brows, purse strings around the mouth, crow’s feet and sides of nose) and massage in. Do not apply to the eyelid.

Not recommended for use with topical retinols and AHAs


  • $204.70