From Flat to Fab: Adding Volume to Fine Hair

Are you tired of your fine locks looking limp and lifeless? Turn up the volume with our tips and tricks for adding oomph to fine hair!


Fine hair is by nature more fragile than medium or coarse hair – the smaller diameter of each individual hair means it is less resilient to damage from colouring, styling, and the environment. Combine this with the fact that fine hair is often styled aggressively, with high heat and plenty of backcombing, and rarely conditioned (“it leaves my hair too soft”), and you have a recipe for breakage, dullness and hair that is unable to hold a style as it is too damaged.


It is important to use a shampoo AND a conditioner on your fine hair – your conditioner will seal down the cuticle of the hair, providing protection for all the structural elements inside the hair shaft. These days there are plenty of conditioners that are formulated especially for fine hair, meaning they aren’t going to weigh the hair down (our fave is the La Biosthetique Weightless Conditioner, which has been formulated for people who don’t like a soft, silky feel). You should only need a small amount of conditioner, applied to the mid lengths and ends only; there is no need to apply your conditioner at the roots.


Styling products are fine hair’s best friends. There are a plethora of products designed to give body to finer locks - we personally love La Biosthetique Thickening Cream and Volume Booster. Thickening Cream is worked through the midlengths and ends, enrobing each hair in a volumising polymer that leaves each strand feeling 10% thicker, while Volume Booster is sprayed directly into the roots to give lift, volume and stability when blowwaving. No matter what products you use, make sure they contain a heat protecting agent if you’re blowwaving or using any hot tools, to help minimise damage.


Using a round brush to blowdry is a great way to get extra body at the root, but you can also flip your head upside down and target dry the roots only for maximum lift, then flip right side up and blowdry the mids and ends smooth. For short styles, really use your hands to create texture and movement when drying.


A huge factor in how bouncy your locks look is your haircut – long hair is heavier, and will require a LOT more work when styling to achieve root lift. If you do have your hair on the longer side, we definitely recommend some soft, longer layers to encourage movement. Typically speaking, shorter blunt cuts (collarbone and higher) will appear fuller; if the ends are cut solid they will give the illusion of more density. If in doubt, ask your stylist – they’ll be able to recommend a style that will work with your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.


With some patience, expert knowledge, and TLC, your fine hair can go from flat to fabulous! For personalised advice about your hair, book in for a consultation with one of our stylists.