A Delicate Balance: Managing Scalp Sensitivity

Scalp sensitivity is a formidable foe – its unpredictable nature can make it hard to pinpoint when the next flare up will be, or what will trigger it. From fleeting discomfort to persistent irritation, sensitivity affects everyone differently, so understanding the complexities of this condition is essential to providing relief.



Sensitivity can present itself in a number of ways, ranging from feelings of tightness and itching, through to visible signs like redness and inflammation. It is important to understand the symptoms and underlying causes of your sensitivity - for some people, sensitivity may occur from internal factors like stress, genetics, health, and diet, while others may have underlying scalp conditions like oiliness or dandruff that are causing the scalp to become sensitised, creating a cycle of discomfort and irritation that cannot be broken until the underlying issue is addressed.



If you’ve ruled out dandruff, dry scalp, and oily scalp, then it is safe to assume you have general sensitivity. The La Biosthetique Methode Sensitive range contains a variety of products that offer comprehensive solutions for managing scalp sensitivity effectively.


Shampooing Lipokerine E is a gentle shampoo that cleanses and normalises the scalp environment, promoting healing and reducing discomfort. It soothes the scalp and alleviates irritation, making it a great first step for mild sensitivity.


For more intensive sensitivity, Lotion Ergines E is the super-hero product. A leave-on scalp lotion with a neurosensory effect, Lotion Ergines E strengthens capillaries in the scalp, soothes discomfort, and promotes healing of irritated areas. It provides instant relief from discomfort, while improving the scalp’s resilience and supporting long-term scalp health.


Babybios is a gentle hair and scalp spray that provides instant relief from scalp discomfort and helps to detangle stubborn knots. This product is a must-have in your haircare arsenal for anyone who struggles with a tender scalp when brushing and detangling the hair (it’s fantastic for detangling the kid’s hair!).


While scalp sensitivity can be challenging to manage, with the right understanding and targeted products, relief is within reach. La Biosthetique's Method Sensitive range offers effective solutions for addressing scalp sensitivity and restoring scalp health, so you can embrace a life free from discomfort and irritation. For personalised advice about your scalp health, get in touch with our team – we would love to help you on your journey to a more comfortable scalp.

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