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  • | Emily Hartshorne

    Silk Vs Satin: How Switching Your Bedding Could Improve Your Hair & Skin

    Silk and satin pillowcases are not just indulgent accessories; they're essential allies in your beauty regimen. But what sets them apart from their cotton counterparts, and why should you be using them at home?   The first thing to understand is the difference between silk and satin. Silk is a na... View Post
  • | Emily Hartshorne

    Little Luxuries: How We Elevate Your Salon Experience

    At H&B, we believe that it’s the small details that make a big difference, transforming a routine visit into a moment of indulgence and relaxation. As soon as you are seated, you're treated to a Visarome aromatherapy scalp massage. This gentle, soothing ritual helps you leave the outside worl... View Post
  • | Emily Hartshorne

    Luscious Lengths: Are Extensions Safe For Your Hair?

    At Hair Art & Beauty, we understand the allure of long, luscious locks and the confidence they can bring, but we also know that the health of your natural hair matters just as much as achieving your desired look. We’re here to answer one of our most asked questions – will hair extensions dama... View Post
  • | Emily Hartshorne

    A Delicate Balance: Managing Scalp Sensitivity

    Scalp sensitivity is a formidable foe – its unpredictable nature can make it hard to pinpoint when the next flare up will be, or what will trigger it. From fleeting discomfort to persistent irritation, sensitivity affects everyone differently, so understanding the complexities of this condition i... View Post
  • | Emily Hartshorne

    Slick Situations: Understanding and Managing an Oily Scalp

    Are you constantly battling with an oily scalp that leaves your hair looking lank and greasy, no matter how thoroughly you try to cleanse it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Dealing with this all-too-common scalp concern can be frustrating, but understanding the symptoms, causes, and effective way... View Post
  • | Emily Hartshorne

    Healing Hair Loss: How to Deal With Thinning Hair

    Hair loss can be incredibly distressing, but it is a common concern that affects individuals of all ages and genders.  There are many different types of hair loss caused by a range of factors, so decoding the unique circumstances surrounding your own hair loss can help you to address this issue e... View Post