La Biosthetique International Award Wins

The German Sustainability Award 2023, Europe's most significant award for ecological and social commitment, is an accolade that honors companies that demonstrate exceptional sustainability practices. La Biosthetique, with its strong environmental ethos, earned this award for its outstanding contributions in this area.

Meanwhile, the Global Transition Award 2022, presented by the prominent German daily newspaper Handelsblatt, celebrates La Biosthetique's commitment to minimizing indirect emissions throughout its supply chain. This award specifically acknowledges the company's efforts to include partner salons in becoming certified climate-neutral establishments.

These awards recognize the company's significant efforts in reducing ecological impact and promoting sustainability, aligning perfectly with the Paris Climate Agreement's 1.5-degree target.

At H&B, we are deeply inspired by La Biosthetique's dedication to sustainability, a principle that resonates with our own values and goals. We admire their approach to minimizing indirect emissions, particularly in the supply chain, and their initiative to include partner salons in the journey towards becoming certified climate-neutral hair salons. Collaborating with a company that not only shares but actively champions these environmental values enhances our own mission to offer sustainable, eco-friendly beauty solutions to our clients. La Biosthetique's achievements serve as a benchmark and an inspiration, reminding us that responsible business practices and a commitment to the environment can coexist successfully with commercial success.