What Happens to our Salon Waste?

Over 95% of waste generated in the salon is now able to be recycled, preventing it from being sent to landfill. We separate all of our waste into various categories, before it is collected by Sustainable Salons NZ and processed, ready to be sent to the appropriate recycling facility. Here in Christchurch, much of the processing is done by the fantastic team at Kilmarnock,  an Otautahi Christchurch-based social enterprise that creates employment and development opportunities for Kiwis with intellectual disabilities.


Our plastics are broken down, and repurposed into other items such as furniture, new packaging, shampoo combs and even sunglasses! Metal (including foil) is taken to specialty processing plants, where it can be recycled (again, and again, and again… did you know that aluminium foil is infinitely recyclable?). Money raised from this recycling goes to KiwiHarvest, a local non-profit that collects excess food from supermarkets and restaurants and redistributes it to those in need, preventing food waste and strengthening our communities. The metal waste from 4 full heads of foils provides one meal!


Hair clippings are collected and donated to community gardens to use as fertiliser, or turned into hair booms that are a natural, incredibly effective and safe way to clean up oil spills. Even our chemical waste gets recycled, and turned into carbon dioxide and water, which is used in construction and road works.


One of the few things that doesn’t get recycled in salon is our food waste. Luckily for us, team member Mckenzie lives on a farm, so any appropriate food waste is taken home by her to feed to her pigs!


We’re so excited to continue our journey towards sustainability and a greener planet for all. To find out more about our sustainable practices, talk to the team at your next salon visit or follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We are also more than happy to ensure your empty product bottles are recycled – simply bring them in with you to your appointment.

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