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For our hair and skin to be in the best condition possible, there are certain nutrients our bodies need. Many factors in today’s modern lifestyle can contribute to a nutritional deficiency – stress, environmental pollution, pregnancy hormones, poor sleep, lifestyle choices, and diet all cause various nutrients to degrade quickly within our bodies. On top of this, some vitamins and trace minerals are unable to be stored in the body and must be consumed regularly, so it can be difficult to get the correct balance through diet alone.

La Biosthetique Fanelan Synergie

The La Biosthetique Fanelan Synergie nutritional supplements are based on the principle that these vitamins and trace elements are only effective when working together, or synergistically. It is not always about the quantity of a nutrient that you consume, but about the combination.

The Fanelan Synergie capsules contain a balanced blend of trace elements and vitamins which the body needs to create new, healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. They also increase the amount of collagen the body naturally produces, minimising the visible signs of aging and protecting against free radical damage. Taken regularly for general wellness, they improve the quality of the hair, skin and nails, as well as having an overall positive effect on the body.

They are also incredibly effective at treating thinning hair and hair loss when used in combination with the Methode Regenerante Ergines Plus Vital ampoules – treating the problem both internally and externally.

The Fanelan Synergie tablets are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. If you have any worries about hair loss or the general health of your hair, come and chat to the H&B team and we can recommend the best action for you!

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