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Meder Equa-Derm Cream

A prebiotic moisturising cream for oily and acneic skin.

Equa-Derm reduces sebum production from overactive sebaceous glands, tightens the pores and minimises inflammation. It normalises the skin, improving the health and diversity of its microbiome.


Avocutin – extracted from avocado pulp, avocutin manages sebum production to treat oiliness. After 2 weeks of use, sebum quantities decrease by 30% and the skin becomes more matte.

BioEcolia – a prebiotic that supresses inflammation and improves the diversity of the skin’s microbiome.

Indian Tamarind Seed Extract – soothes and calms the skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent

Agarikon Extract – smoothes the skin and tightens the pores. Also reduces the skin’s sensitivity to hormonal changes.


Apply on clean skin to the face, neck and décolletage. Massage lightly until fully absorbed.

  • $177.10