Perms are Back, Baby!

Hearing the word perm probably conjures up thoughts of huge (usually frizzy) 80s hair, but the reality these days is far removed from this.

What Can I Do With a Perm?

Whether you want a looser, loppy curl or tight ringlets are more your style, perming techniques can be used to create a look that is right for you. Perms can also be used on short hair to add body and volume without adding curl. Even Hollywood is undergoing a perm revolution, with many celebrities such as Emma Stone, Jonathan Van Ness and Olivia Munn rocking beautiful bouncy curls!

Perming in 2020 is also much gentler than perms of the past – as technology has advanced, the products used for perms are kinder on the hair, and are less likely to cause damage on otherwise healthy hair. Due to the shape of the hair shaft, curly hair IS more prone to dryness, but your stylist will be able to recommend you suitable products to care for your new ‘do.

How Do I Keep Up the Curl?

Something to remember is that perms are permanent (hence the name) – the typical way to get rid of a perm is to cut the curl out. You’ll need to have your roots re-permed every 3 to 4 months as they won’t grow through curly.

Get in Touch!

We LOVE fashion perms at H&B, and they are a fabulous way to live your curly girl dreams. For more information or to see if a perm is right for you, phone 03-381-8939. Complimentary consultations available!

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