6 Secrets to Smooth, Sleek Hair

Smooth, sleek hair is all the rage at the moment, seen on starlets like Sydney Sweeney and Bella Hadid, and on the catwalks for major designers like Balmain and Chanel.

Want to channel this look for yourself? Here are 6 of our secrets to achieving super smooth locks!


  1. Use a frizz fighting shampoo and conditioner
    Get a head start on your style by using homecare that is designed to minimise frizz and flyaways. We love the La Biosthetique Frizz Control range – formulated with sweet almond oil and cationic guar, it adds hydration, smooths the hair shaft and provides an anti-static effect.

  2. Scrunch, don’t rub
    When towel drying your hair, scrunch/squeeze the hair inside the towel instead of rubbing it – this prevents the cuticle from getting too ruffled up while towel drying. If possible, use a microfibre towel for the best results.

  3. Use the right blowdry product for your hair type
    Using a styling product in your hair before you blowdry will help to smooth the hair and hold your style in place, but make sure the product is one that works for your hair type! For medium to fine hair, we love the La Biosthetique Frizz Control Styling Fluid, but coarser, curlier hair needs something with a bit more hold, like La Biosthetique Transformer.

  4. You need a nozzle!
    Ever wondered what the weird attachment is that came with your hairdryer? That’s the nozzle, and it’s essential to achieving a smooth blowdry. The nozzle concentrates the air from the dryer, allowing you to control the direction – when blowdrying, hold the dryer with the nozzle pointing down the hairshaft, rather than blowing it in all directions.

  5. Small sections = smooth hair
    After your hair is dry, you may want to use your flat iron for an extra straight, smooth finish. Make sure the hair is 100% dry, you’re using a good heat protector, and you’re taking fine sections so you can get the flat iron right to the root.

  6. Finish strong
    After your hair is dry and straight, you need to finish it correctly. Work a small amount of hair oil through your hands and apply to the mid lengths and ends – our favourite is the La Biosthetique Weightless Conditioning Oil, a blend of argan oil and lady’s smock oil that adds shine and smoothness without weighing the hair down. To tuck in any fluffies or flyaways that are persisting, spray a little hairspray onto the palm of your hand, a tissue, or a clean mascara spoolie, and use this to skim over the surface of the hair, gently pushing down any frizzies.
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