Embracing the Grey

Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen a global trend of women embracing their natural grey and moving away from colouring their locks. While we enjoy creating gorgeous, glamorous colours, we also adore how stunning natural silvers and greys can be, and love helping our clients feel amazing, whether they’re rocking their natural or using a little salon magic to change up their look.

If you’re thinking about making the transition to your natural grey, here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

Going to grey is always a large service, but how long will it take exactly? Unfortunately there is no straight answer to this, as it all depends on your previous chemical history and your current colour – someone who has a soft beige blonde or a very light brown colour in their hair may be able to achieve grey in a single session, whereas someone who has been box colouring their hair black for years will certainly need multiple sessions over a few months. For clients who are feeling budget conscious, or are nervous about going grey all at once, another good option is to work with your stylist to slowly go through the process. Using a base colour at each visit that is  ½ a shade lighter than the last will slowly lighten the hair without costing more than your usual root retouch, but it will take you a lot longer to achieve your goal of grey.

The process of transitioning to grey can vary from client to client, but typically consists of a combination of highlights and lowlights to mimic your natural hair - for a gorgeous blend between your natural and the salon colour, it is best to have a couple of inches of regrowth at your first blending appointment. This allows your stylist to see your natural grey pattern, so they can make sure the highlights and lowlights are placed in a way that will look seamless as your natural grows out. For clients transitioning from a dark colour, your stylist may need to use a colour remover before foiling to take out some of the artificial pigment sitting in the hairshaft.

Once you and your stylist have achieved your beautiful blend, you’ll need the correct products to maintain it at home. A toning shampoo or mask is absolutely essential for ensuring your colour doesn’t become too brassy, and we recommend coming in for in-salon toners and trims until all of the artificial colour has been cut out of the hair, and it is just your natural remaining.

If you’re wanting to start the journey towards naturally silver tresses, book in for a consultation with one of our fabulous La Biosthetique Colour Experts – they have the skills and experience to guide you through your colour transition in a way that works for you.

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