How To Prevent And Treat Ingrown Hairs

Can’t catch a break with ingrown hairs? Check out some of our top tips to combat those pesky little things!

Ingrown hairs are caused by hairs curling around and growing back in towards the skin, causing red spots that can be itchy or painful, and sometimes turn into a whitehead. How lovely!

Now, how can we avoid them in the first place?


One of the causes of hairs becoming ingrown can be a build up of dead skin cells. With clogged pores, the hairs don’t pop out of the skin surface as they should, and end up stuck. Regular exfoliation can help loosen the dead skin cells and leave you with soft and clear skin. Use an exfoliating body product, or an exfoliating glove and gently rub in circular motions on the affected area once a week.

Side note: this is the best way to exfoliate your legs or other parts of your body. If your face is affected by ingrown hairs, be careful with your exfoliation. Physical exfoliation such as scrubs or a glove can be damaging to some skin types. Chat with our beauticians about the best way to exfoliate your face, such as enzymatic exfoliation!


If you are exfoliating regularly, follow this up with moisturising the area. Body cream such as can soften the skin and hair, not only leaving you smooth and silky regardless of your shave, but also softens the hairs for when you shave later.


Make sure you’re shaving with a sharp razor. The blunter your blades, the higher your risk of ingrown hairs! Dull blades can cause a rough and bumpy shave, which will exasperate any in grown hairs ready to pop up. If you aren’t too fussy about a close shave, you might consider an electrical shaver. Although you won’t get a smooth and hairless result, you are much less likely to face the itchy regrowth or ingrown hairs.


Using a proper shaving cream gives the extra slip your razor needs to avoid dragging the skin. Look for an alcohol free shaving cream to prevent drying out the skin.


Shaving your hair in the opposite direction to hit it grows in can leave you with sharper corners on the hairs, meaning they’re more likely to poke back into your skin and grow the wrong way! Try your best to stick to the direction your hair grows to avoid any ingrowns!


If you’re prone to ingrown hairs or you’re getting ready for a special event and want to ensure they don’t raise their ugly heads, Bump Eraiser is for you! Bump Eraiser reduces redness after shaving and reduces the risk of infection (ingrown hairs.) Bump Eraiser also contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Triclosan & Vitamin A which are all helpful to draw out any ingrown hairs and treat the follicle without too much disruption. This treatment can be used twice a day, and popping a bandaid over the affected areas can even speed up the process!

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