Love Your Lengths - La Biosthetique Long Hair range is here!

There’s something about glossy, healthy long hair that we all love. It looks luscious and feminine, and lends itself to a wide range of styles, from curls, to updos, to sleek, smooth looks. However, Rapunzel-esque locks can be hard to achieve without the proper care, and we often see clients who are really struggling to add extra length to their hair.

Long hair requires specialty care to keep it healthy from roots to ends. The hair closest to your scalp is relatively new and healthy, while the ends of long hair are much older, and have had years of being exposed to wind and sun, as well as any chemical or mechanical damage from brushing, styling and colouring. The natural oils produced at the scalp struggle to travel to the ends of the hair, which can leave the mid-lengths and ends dry and brittle.

Luckily, La Biosthetique have just launched their new Long Hair range. Specifically formulated to maintain the health of long hair, the Long Hair range helps to rebalance structural issues in the hair shaft and restore hydration from roots to ends, without weighing it down.

The range features two shampoos so you can select the most appropriate care for your hair texture – the Protective Softening Shampoo adds moisture and silkiness to coarser, dryer hair types, while the Protective Volumising Shampoo adds strength and body to finer hair. There is also the addition of a brand new Refreshing Dry Shampoo to refresh the hair in between washes, leaving it feeling clean and revitalised thanks to super fine rice starch powder absorbing any excess sebum.

Tangly, knotty hair benefits greatly from Detangler, a rinse out conditioning spray to instantly nourish and untangle long hair. It balances out any structural differences throughout the midlengths and ends, improving combability by 80%, and helps to restore shine to the hair.

For more intense care, the Protective Repair Mask is your superstar product. This cream-based conditioning treatment imbues moisture deep within the hair shaft and significantly helps to repair damage – in clinical studies, clients using the Protective Repair Mask experienced 80% less breakage than untreated hair, and 60% less breakage than clients using alternative conditioning treatments!

The Long Hair range has two options for leave-in care – the Protective Conditioning Fluid, a nourishing lightweight cream for extra strength and protection, and the Weightless Conditioning Oil, a combination of ethically-sourced Argan oil and lady’s smock oil to deliver valuable nutrients to frazzled, fragile ends. Both of these products are virtually weightless, making them suitable for all but the very finest of hair textures.

Last but certainly not least in this beautiful new range is Growth Booster, a topical scalp treatment that accelerates hair growth! Growth Booster works by maximising cell activity at the hair follicle, increasing the hair’s growth rate by 67%! It also helps to fortify and nourish the roots, boosting the formation of strong, healthy hair.

For more information about the La Biosthetique Long Hair range, contact our friendly salon team, or shop now on our online store.