Summer Hair Accessories 2021

With a few warm days under our belt now, summer is well and truly on its way! One of our favourite parts of this season is experimenting with new trends, and one of the best inexpensive ways to be trendy is to try new hair looks! The 90’s and Y2K looks are still hanging around for this season, so check out some ways below to incorporate these into your Summer hairstyles:


A 90’s classic, still holding strong! The resurgence of scrunchies is no mystery- they’re super comfy (in your hair and on your wrist) and can be less damaging than regular hair-ties.

Try a velvet scrunchie for some difference, or try stacking scrunchies for a cute double (or triple) look like this! Especially great when you can’t choose which scrunchie to wear.


Claw Clips

Another Y2K call-back for hair accessories- the claw clip provides a super-quick and easy way to put your hair back, while staying on-trend! With limitless colour and style options, you can find a claw clip to match any style or outfit!


Statement Clips

Want to pin back your fringe but a bobby pin just won’t do you justice? Keep a few smaller statement clips in your bag for these occasions! Lightweight but trendy, these simple clips give bang for your buck!


We have a range of hair accessories available in-salon, while stocks last!